Can you answer this 11 plus question in under 30 seconds?

Can you answer this 11 plus question in under 30 seconds?

A newspaper reported last year that marine experts at the Sea Life Centre in Brighton were teaching an octopus to open jam jars to get at food as a way of stopping it becoming bored. Assuming that it can open four jars simultaneously and that each jar takes 30 seconds to open, how many jars can the octopus open per hour?


Looking Forward

With the new academic year well under way, and parents evening looming ever closer, now would be a good time for parents to take stock of what additional help may be required for their child.

It may be something as simple as taking children shopping and letting them count out the change (though this may not be a good idea on a busy Saturday morning!), or predicting how many red cars you pass on the way there.